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We all live hectic lives where performance is the key word. Under these conditions, taking a little rest time is very complicated and we have long ago given up the pleasure of napping in London. Moreover, in the workplace, the needing of a nap can be interpreted as a sign of weakness; it may suggest that you are under performing or lazy. There are no provisions in our society to enable us to benefit of napping. It is now possible to book hotel rooms for several hours during the afternoon with Day use.

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After the success in France and Belgium, Day use offers a booking service for day hotels at negotiated prices. To discover the art of napping during a long day of work, check out our selection of glamorous hotels. Of course, napping doesn't mean you have to be alone?The comfort and privacy of Day use hotels offer the ideal place to try and spice up existing relationships. Napping at hotel in London can be an opportunity for you and your partner to have an unusual experience.

Napping is not sleeping : Discretion and comfort for all kind of naps

Day use has selected the finest hotels in London so you can taste the pleasures of napping in a cosy and refined ambiance. The comfort and serenity that emerge from our hotels allow you to rest and will make you forget for a few hours the frenzy stress of the city.?Do not feel guilty because you fancy a break during the day, napping is good, check out our website and find the perfect stay for your napping.