Early check-in hotels
We offer a wide selection of hotels with early check-in if you need a room in the morning.
Romantic Hotels
Want to meet your partner and break your daily routine? Book a romantic hotel!
Cheap Hotels
Booking a hotel room for a day doesn't have to break the bank: discover our selection of cheap hotels!
Hotels with jacuzzis
Why not treat a loved one (or yourself!) to a relaxing day in a hotel with a jacuzzi, whirlpool or hot tub?
Hotels with pools
Want to train for your next swimming competition or just sip cocktails by the pool? Relax and enjoy!
Short stay hotels
Looking for a short stay hotel near you? Discover our selection of high-quality short stay hotels.
9 to 5 hotels
With Dayuse you can have a break among its exclusive selection of upscale hotels.
Rooms by the hour
Need a hotel room, but only for a few hours during the day? You're in luck!
Late check-out hotels
Book a late check-out hotel and enjoy your time at the restaurant or at the bar... Or both!
Day rooms
A hotel room in the daytime is perfect if you want to relax or just have some rest for a few hours.
We all live hectic lives where performance is the key word. Under these conditions, taking a little rest time is very complicated and we have long ago
Experience A Memorable Day In A High-end Hotel
Live the Dayuse experience in an upscale hotel for the day
Motels near me
Find the perfect motel for a local escape or convenient stay. This article showcases the wonders of motels nea...