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Rooms by the hour useage is being adopted worldwide for a variety of reasons. Treat yourself to a day of luxury, remain productive while away on business, turn a long layover into a moment of pure relaxation or simply play tourist in your city. In need of a hotel room for a morning, afternoon or a full day? has got you covered.

Need a hotel room, but only for a few hours during the day? The first reservation platform for room by hour allows you to book a room at any time during the day for a period ranging from 3 hours to the whole day.

There are many reasons to rent a room by the hour; Dayuse offers an innovative concept that is tailored to each demand. The room by hour London is an elegant and comfortable hourly room that is perfectly suited to businessmen searching a second office and travellers stuck between two flights. You'll be amazed at the many amenities of the hourly room, especially with the low prices that have been negotiated.

Hourly hotels : A room by hour for an afternoon of peace and well being

Do you need a room for professional or romantic rendezvous, need to take a nap between flights or to cut a busy day? The pay per hour hotel rooms will fit your needs. The premium comfort, tranquillity and privacy of a room by hour will allow you to forget the stress caused by the city regardless of the use you make of it. The room by hour is a new way to make use of the hotel in afternoon, which has already attracted the greatest number. Bring the day use hotel in your daily life by discovering the simplicity and ease of the use of the hotel by the hour.

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Try the new experience of the hourly hotel with reduced price will definitely seduce you. You will love the discreet luxury and cosy atmosphere that emerge from this upscale love hotel. Booking a hourly hotel room is made with the utmost simplicity in minutes and without a credit card. Whether you expect it to be a private fantasy or a nest for love birds the room by hour makes your life more relaxed. Do not wait to book our exclusive selection of rooms by hour.

Rooms by the hour: Dayuse guests loved…

To be paid at the hotel The Lodge Hotel
-79%£297 per night
To be paid at the hotel Airways Hotel Victoria
-46%£83 per night
To be paid at the hotel The Hoxton Southwark
-49%£300 per night

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