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Published on | 05/02/2022 | Direct Link

By: Lisa Grainger

Matt Prior has always been an adventurer, whether he’s flying jets for the British military, creating expeditions for Red Bull or climbing the world’s highest mountains. Four years ago, having visited more than 100 countries, he created AdventureX with fellow explorer Chris Plough, taking small groups of high-achieving, curious explorers keen to develop personally to such extreme destinations as Kamchatka and Bhutan.

Their 7 to 11-day itineraries are secret, and access is by invitation, but the next trip, Prior admits, will be going overland in Iceland in Arctic Trucks to test Artemis-generation space suit simulators with the Iceland Space Agency in lava tubes, glaciers and volcanic craters. Alongside adrenaline-pumping activities will be time for self-exploration, Prior says, “and sharing what it means to be human”. (...)


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