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Day rooms become more and more popular and if you don't want to be behind the times, you have to try one! People love hanging out in day hotels now, either to relax, during a long layover, or in order to organise a business meeting and have some peace. Our day rooms in Bristol are waiting for you! Just for a few hours in the morning, in the afternoon or all day long, enjoy an unique experience in Bristol! A day room in Bristol is an original and comfortable place where you can have a break during a business trip or just take some time for yourself.

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Discover a new way to enjoy a hotel : get yourself a day room in Bristol, and enjoy an unusual place of escape by itself. You want to enjoy the spa or the gym of a hotel? Celebrate your soulmate's birthday in a romantic setting? Need a trendy place for an important business meeting? Book a day room on Don't hesitate and book a day room in one of our day hotels in Bristol!

Why not give it a try? Instead of wandering in the streets of Bristol or having a drink at the bar, do something different! Moreover, the day room is ideal if you're looking for serenity. We offer a wide selection of day rooms all over Bristol!

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It's pretty simple, and it takes a few minutes only. Pick the day hotel you want to stay at, the time slots, and we'll show you the prices we negotiated just for you.

We offer discounts up to 75% on the regular night rate, time slots from 9am to 11pm depending on the hotels, a booking without credit card, and you cancel at the last minute free of charge. And yes, it's possible to book on the same day. No credit card needed, we just need your phone number and an email address. Thanks to, it's possible to book with the utmost secrecy. Book a day room in Bristol now!

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To be paid at the hotel Holiday Inn Bristol Filton
-48%£ 115 per night
from£ 60
To be paid at the hotel Holiday Inn Bristol Airport
-32%£ 90 per night
from£ 62

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