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Day hotels become more and more popular and if you don't want to be behind the times, you have to try one! Instead of going shopping or going to the cinema, why not spend some time in a day hotel? Day hotels are now unmissable so if you have no plans today, don't worry, it's possible to book a room the same day! Yes, it's possible to book at the very last minute and if something crops up, it's possible to cancel at the very last minute, free of charge!

Staying in a day hotel is trendy

Our clients love staying in our lovely day hotels. Some of them decide to relax on their own in their room, others enjoy the hotel facilities like the restaurant, the bar, the gym, the spa, they have a massage... There are also couples chilling together, and businessmen having a long layover and resting in the day hotel or having a meeting. Book your hotel room for a full day, you won't regret it! Don't feel like staying for too long? With Dayuse, it's possible to have a hotel reservation for a few hours only, either in the morning or in the afternoon!

What is the reason for day hotels' success? The possibility, thanks to Dayuse, to sneak into the finest romantic hotels for several hours during daytime hours, at affordable rates. The day hotels selected by Dayuse are vetted and are discreet boutique hotels, and they're accessible to the greatest number of people during the day. The couples will appreciate the great discretion of our day hotels, and also the upscale atmosphere of our day hotels. For a nap, a romantic gift or just to relax, book a day hotel and enjoy all the things you can do there.

Chic day hotels at an affordable price

Forget about your daily routine for several hours when staying in one of our hourly hotels. You're about to stay in a unique setting and you will not break the bank, thanks to our negotiated prices that allow you to save up to 70% on the regular night rate. Staying in day hotels will quickly become your new habit. Day hotels are bookable within minutes, so in order to spice up your life as a couple or to spend some time away from the outside world, get the day hotel habit when you have some time to spare in the daytime. Book your day hotel now !

Day hotels: Dayuse guests loved…

To be paid at the hotel The Lodge Hotel
-79%£297 per night
-56%£102 per night
To be paid at the hotel The Hoxton Southwark
-49%£300 per night

Day hotels : 788 hotels

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