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Day hotels useage is being adopted worldwide for a variety of reasons. Treat yourself to a day of luxury, remain productive while away on business, turn a long layover into a moment of pure relaxation or simply play tourist in your city. In need of a hotel room for a morning, afternoon or a full day in London? has got you covered. allows to book a hotel room for the day with a reduced price compared to the night rate, until 70% off. The booking process for a hotel for day is very simple as we do not require any payment or credit card details to be able to book.

Payment is done when arriving at the hotel. And if you want to cancel your booking, it is free of charge up to two hours before the end of your dayuse. We know that we are always in a hurry in our life and running after time, that is why we thought about simplifying the proces to a minimum.

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Each one of our day hotels in London has been carefully chosen to make sure you will get the most out of your stay. We know how important it is to rest when on a trip so each of our hotels for day in London will provide you the peace and quiet you need during your stay is order to fully recharge your batteries and be ready to face the rest of the day. London can be very intense this is why you can use one of our hotels for day to breathe and relax between two meetings. The room is yours during the whole time slot so you can just come in and out without any problem.

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Dayuse provides room for few hours in many different hotels throughout the UK to satisfy all your needs. Our partners are chain hotels, boutique hotels, high-end hotels which we selected carefully to make sure your stay in one of our hotels for day will be the most enjoyable. Whether you are looking for a hotel with a spa, a swimming pool, a restaurant, close to an airport or a train station, we have a hotel to offer you. Book on our website, our app or give us a call and one of team member will help you find the hotel matching your requirements.

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To be paid at the hotel Ibis London City
-24%£ 78 per night
from£ 60
-62%£ 450 per night
from£ 174

Day hotels in London : 232 hotels

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