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The hotel

Martin's Red is located on the site of the Belgian Football Center in Tubize − the training centre of the Red Devils as well as many other teams in all categories (professional teams, up-and-coming hopefuls, foreign delegations, ...). The hotel offers facilities optimised for players training in the centre, but it also gives preferential treatment to holiday-makers and business travellers.

With its polished contemporary design, extensive glass surfaces, very attentive staff and perfectly integrated sports references, Martin’s Red invites you to enjoy a stay with the comforts of home. At the corner of a corridor, you may cross paths with the Red Devils’ coach (he stays here regularly with his staff) or perhaps with one of the Red Devils before an international match on Belgian soil. 

But even though the sporting motifs are very present, the quality of the premises is extended equally to all those who are not necessarily under the magic spell of football. Martin's Red is a hotel of intelligently distributed spaces that allow its various clientele to live together in total harmony in an intimate, cosy and soothing atmosphere.

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Martin's Red

Rue de Bruxelles 484, Tubize, Belgium
0203 318 4677


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Martin's Red

Rue de Bruxelles 484, Tubize, Belgium