10% of today’s revenue will be given back to an organization acting to protect our oceans and rivers.

We're making a difference, this #PositiveFriday.

PositiveFriday for oceans.

We've decided to not take part in Black Friday this year and instead decided to make this Friday, November 25th, a day committed to a good cause.

#PositiveFriday : 10% of today’s turnover will be given back to an organization acting to protect our oceans and rivers.


Dayuse offers local experiences all around the world, in the most beautiful cities and close to the oceans. The preservation of our environment and these places is a major challenge for all of us. We want to contribute to change and have a positive impact through our actions.

So why is it important to protect and clean our seas and rivers?

Each year, millions of tons of plastic are released in the oceans, with most of it coming from rivers. If we do not take action, plastic will have an even bigger impact on our ecosystems, our economy, and our health.


Plastic pollution in the oceans is one of our the biggest environmental issues of our era, affecting almost 700 marine species. Blue Whales eat up to 43.6 kg* of microplastics each day. (*by Nature Communications 2022 study)


The yearly economic costs due to plastic pollution are estimated between $6-19 billion. These costs are the result of the tourism's industry decline due to this pollution, but also due to its impact on fishing, on sea industries as well as the costs of cleaning the ocean. (*Deloitte study)


Plastic pollution has not only an impact on sea life, but it also carries toxic pollutants in the food chain. Over 170 chemical products used to produce plastic are known for having serious effects on health*, especially cancer and reproduction disorders. (*U.S. Env’t Prot 2016)

Why does this cause make sense for Dayuse?

We love our ecosystem.

Most of our experiences take place in hotels which are in the most beautiful cities, all across the globe. Our hotel partners are close to oceans and rivers. Helping to protect our environment is essential for the future.

We want to do our fair share.

In today’s world, we think it is important to help good causes. We want to consider the impact of our business activities and contribute to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the Earth.

We will share the name of the supported organization a just after #PositiveFriday, once the donation is made.