Love Hotel London

Want to relax, spend some time with your soulmate or just rest for a few hours? Our love hotels in London available in the daytime are waiting for you!

Free cancellation
Until the last minute
Payment at the hotel
Reserve without prepayment
Up to 75% off
Compared to an overnight stay
Worldwide leader
of daytime hotels
Staying in a nice hotel with your partner always feels good, and thanks to Dayuse, you can treat yourself to a nice room with your soulmate to enjoy a moment of complicity. In London, you're booking more than a love hotel, you're booking a real experience for a nice getaway in the daytime.

The most beautiful love hotels in London are waiting for you

Discreet or showy, charming hotel or luxury one, close to the Thames or in the outskirts of London... Choose a nice love hotel in order to create unforgettable memories with your lover. Opting for a love hotel in the daytime allows you to change from the usual things lovers do. Moreover, booking a room in the daytime gives you access to your room but also all the hotel facilities, even if you don't spend the night there, like the swimming pool, the spa, the restaurant, the bar...

Break your daily routine in the heart of London

The daily routine kills relationships. Household drudgery, work, kids, public transport, paperwork... Sometimes you need to create shared moments with your partner to break your daily routine and spend some time together. That's what love hotels are for!

Dayuse is the market leader when it comes to booking hotel rooms in the daytime. Dayuse allows you to stay in a room by the hour in the morning, in the afternoon or all day long in a nice love hotel close to your home if you live in London, or wherever you want to in the city if you're just stopping by. We have a wide selection of love hotels in London and you'll find what you're looking for!

It's possible to plan your romantic getaway ahead of time but you can also decide to go on a whim. You don't need a credit card to book, and you immediately get a confirmation. Cancelling your booking is free, even if you do so at the last minute!

Spice up your life

No more time constraints, you don't need to spend a whole night in the love hotel. Book a room in the daytime, we offer reduced rates and you can save up to 75% on the regular night rate. That means you can try multiple hotels in the daytime if you want to, treat yourself to a nice 5-star hotel at an affordable rate, and get yourself a nice meal there or a massage.

How to book a love hotel room?

Pick your room on our website (or our app), and pay directly at the hotel, when checking in. It's possible to spend the night there, but you'll have to pay a small amount upfront when booking. It's possible to order a bottle of champagne when booking. We thought about everything! Don't hesitate and book your love hotel room now!

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