A hotel room for the day

Behind the scenes at Dayuse.com


Discover the story and vision of Dayuse.com, the leader of daytime hotel reservations, in this video shot by kronik

Travelers en route to their next big adventure, nomadic workaholics looking for the perfect workspace and even locals who just want a change of scenery... With Dayuse.com, hotel rooms become the ultimate living spaces for the day!

A room has the potential to be so much more than just a bed and bathroom: with Dayuse.com, it can be a temporary office or a quiet and relaxing escape from day-to-day life.
Guests who book with Dayuse.com are guaranteed access to the best hotel amenities for a few hours at discounted rates - whether it be a luxurious spa, a trendy rooftop bar or a secluded indoor pool!

Discover how our teams reinvent the hospitality of the future in this video shot by kronik: