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As the success of French startup shows not all sharing economy startups harm incumbents. Indeed, helps hotels by providing a place for them to rent out rooms during the day.

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As the success of French startup shows not all sharing economy startups harm incumbents. Indeed, helps hotels by providing a place for them to rent out rooms during the day. Here we talk to's VP of Sales Julien Siegfried about the inspiration for the company, who uses it and how it's different from the typical sharing economy startup.

¤ Where did the idea for come from?

David Lebée, CEO and founder of, was working in the hotel business in Paris as a manager and there were quite a few requests for renting rooms during the day time. He found that quite interesting because it allowed him to sell his rooms twice a day. Looking it up on the internet he found there was no platform offering this and he started the business based on this experience.

What offers is a tailor made system for the hotel organisation - we are not displacing any of there business. Hotels can make up to 20% revenue with us depending on location and the quality of the business.

¤ Who are's typical customers?

People who have meetings for example if they have come to the city for the day for meetings with one in the morning, one at lunchtime and one in the afternoon. If the lunchtime one is cancelled they might have to spend the entire day at a Starbucks where they are going to have to share a poor internet connection. We bring them a nice place to work, relax and freshen up during the day time.

There are also more and more millennials who have to work from everywhere and they use our service quite a lot as well. Then there's also travellers in transit by airports and train stations who are trying to catch up with sleep or work. There are also couples and also the trend from the US of the daycation where people want to treat themselves as VIPs for a time.

¤ How big is

Now operates in 15 countries and more than a 100 cities. The goal is to open between 10 and 15 new destinations each year. Most recently launched in Dubai and Brazil, next up is Argentina.

¤ How different is to other sharing economy startups?

We are all hoteliers and the sharing economy is taking business from the hotels. is able to provide a 20% boost to revenue just by using unused assets. It's a great thing to be able to help the industry grow that way.

¤ Why don't hotels just offer rooms during the day themselves?

Everyone knows they can go to a hotel for the night, but not many people know they can go during the day. If hotels don't communicate this then they won't get any business. does this for more than 2,000 hotel partners so we can offer them the largest global audience.

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