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Dayuse, are a daytime hotel booking platform, that allows the customer to book hotels around the globe for up to 75% off market value, offering free cancellation and access to all hotel amenities. Available in 23 countries and 500 cities, you can confirm your stay in 3 clicks – the dream.

I think it makes so much sense – being able to book a hotel for the day (instead of the night), pay much less than what the rate of the hotel is, enjoy all of its facilities and check out by 5pm.


I will tell you a funny story, in which Dayuse would have saved me but I did not know about it. For some of you, who have followed me for some time, you may remember that last year I got my hot water cut out. It wasn’t a day or two it went on for more than 2 weeks. It was kind of summer but still not warm enough to take cold showers. I literally had to beg the guy in the hotel next to my house to allow me to use a room, so I can shower but just charge me for 1-2 hours. Now, I know how this sounds, however in today’s world – life happens. If I had Dayuse, I would not need to have weird conversations at reception, I could just book whatever suited my needs then, have my shower, chill a bit and leave. This is a funny example and possibly a very particular one about the service’s use. However thinking about travel and layovers, if you are not flying First, there are no cool lounges to chill in and take a nap, or a shower. Dayuse offers anyone the opportunity to just check in, in the nearest hotel, have some amazing food, a fluffy bed and even a spa (depending on the hotel you book of course).
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