The new antidote for the post-baby love drought

The arrival of a baby is undoubtedly a wonderful moment for any couple. However, it is also a completely life changing event that impacts even the most energetic of couples' romantic relationships. Understanding how difficult it can be for new parents to find time for themselves and each other, here at we conducted a study to see what could be done to solve this parenting dilemma... Our survey of 1,200 parents revealed that two-fifths (39%) of parents with children under the age of five spend less than an hour a day alone together.1 Our research also showed that it takes an average of three and a half months for couples to rekindle their romance after a new baby arrives.To help new mums and dads rekindle their romance, has a solution: The Day Date. Designed for the two-thirds of parents with young children who said they would benefit from time alone in the day, and the 50% who admitted they would use this time to get intimate,2 Day Dates allows parents to reconnect as a couple and gives them a mini-getaway experience for a fraction of the cost of what a usual hotel break would be. End your 'love drought' with a Day Date at one of our luxurious hotels, or gift one as a treat for a couple in need!

1) 39%of parents said they spent less than seven hours alone together a week (average of one hour per day).

2) 66% of parents with children under five said they would benefit from alone time in the day. 53% said they would use alone time during the day to get intimate. commissioned an independent survey conducted by Censuswide of 1,206 parents of children of any age between 25 May and 27 May 2016.